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How many

Each pack includes 20 different presets which I recommend using with RAW images

Every single preset was created entirely by me, I love post production and I always try to achieve with my photos exactly what I want to convey, I hope you can appreciate my work that I try to improve day by day.


The presets are in .xmp format for Lightroom Desktop and in .dng format for the mobile format

In each package you will find a .rar file to unpack and the presets neatly inserted inside it.

Where is it

You can download your presets in the dedicated download area that you find on my website.

All presets are downloadable individually or in the full package which includes a bonus package.


Each photo is different and involves notable differences in post production.

There is therefore no certainty that every photo will obtain the same results, it depends on the camera, the exposure, the aperture and every single setting during the shot, so it is important to make an effort to take a photograph that is as close to the desired result as possible.

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