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General terms and conditions of photographic services

The photographic services will be of a creative interpretative nature, i.e. the photographer reserves the right to take the shots by exploiting his own imagination and also drawing on that of the client following his personal technical preparation and his artistic sensitivity.
The customer, by purchasing a photo shoot, declares to have seen the work done by the photographer and to be satisfied with the style presented.
It is confirmed that all photographic services will be performed personally by the author Johnny Ferrari who will personally follow all the shooting and post-production phases of the images personally.

Costs of photographic services

All costs shown are indicative and may be subject to changes based on specific customer requests.
The costs and products displayed are subject to change without notice.
The costs for personalized photographic services will be formulated from time to time through a quote reserved for the applicant.
Consequently, the final costs of a professional photographic service not included in the price list could undergo variations in excess or reduction based on the customer's requests or particular situations that have arisen.

The costs of the photographic services include;

- the photographer's experience, time, talent, creativity and artistic vision.
- artistic support before and during the photo session (basic tips)
- the photographic session to be held at the agreed date and time.
- the use of professional equipment.
- the use of objects made available for any scenes.
- the realization of unlimited shots during the session.
- the selection of the shots produced during the entire photo session.
- the sending to the customer of all the shots that can be viewed and selected.
- the accurate and professional post production of a certain number of shots.
- the delivery of selected and post-produced files in digital, JPEG format at maximum resolution
- the final delivery of all the shooting material from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 months.

Unless expressly indicated, services such as make-up hairstyle image consultancy and clothing are separate and to be charged to the customer.

Method of purchase and corresponding payment method

To proceed with the purchase of one of the photographic services offered on the site, the customer can proceed directly to the online payment by requesting the photographer's bank details through the contact form of the site.
In case of special needs, personalized photographic services or other, please contact with the contact form and indicate any requests in order to reach a definitive agreement together.
You can also, by agreement, decide to pay in cash on the day of the shooting.
Exceptions are photographic services purchased in the form of a gift voucher, which must be paid in advance in the form of a bank transfer.
Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive the voucher in digital form.
For companies or companies, payment formulas other than the standard ones may be applied and will be agreed from time to time subject to a formal guarantee.
For events or weddings it is possible to agree in the quote stage, customized payment methods other than the standard one which provides for 50% of the amount upon confirmation of the work and 50% upon delivery of the entire service.

Location of the shooting

The location of the shooting must be agreed from time to time, being mostly set shots, the photographer will decide together with the client where and when to be to create the photo shoot together, also depending on the chosen service it will also be possible to choose one or more locations .
If the location of the shooting respects adequate distances, it will be considered part of the cost itself and accepted as an ancillary expense, if instead it should be too far away it will be considered as an additional cost and added to the final estimate.
For any shooting not in Ticino, the photographer will find together with the client an adequate solution to meet the additional expenses created by the trip.

Duration of the shooting

The duration of the shooting will be indicated in the estimate phase and will be mainly determined by the basic package chosen even if obviously it could undergo variations depending on the needs and is always to be considered indicative.
The cost of photographic services is always to be considered a flat rate and is not directly related to the duration of the shooting, therefore a shorter duration will not necessarily correspond to a reduction in the final cost.

Days and hours of work

Except for exceptions agreed in advance, all photographic services are to be carried out from Monday to Friday between 08.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 18.00.
On request it is possible to carry out shooting even on weekdays, Saturdays or Sundays and in the evening but may be subject to surcharges which will in any case be indicated in the estimate phase.

Important notes

As far as possible, punctuality is required for appointments, in case of delay it may not be possible to extend or move the photo session beyond the pre-established time and in this case it would be to the detriment of the customer who would lose precious time.
If desired, it is possible to have friends and / or relatives attend the photo sessions, as long as they do not interfere, slow down or hinder the shooting and the work of the photographer, although we strongly recommend that you go alone for greater peace of mind.

Obviously we will not be responsible in any way in case of any damage to equipment or memory cards that may cause it to be impossible to work or duplicate the images of the photo session, but we are committed in case it happens to repeat the shooting as soon as possible.

Photographic make-up and hairstyle

On request and at an additional cost we are able, thanks to a very important collaboration, to be able to advise and guarantee a person for make-up and hair, with whom a suitable work plan will be created so that you can make up and prepare in the best way before the shooting.

Clothes and accessories

Depending on the package chosen, it will be possible to make a certain number of changes of clothes during the photo shoot.
The number of dress changes is obviously subject to the timing of the chosen service as it takes into account the time needed to make them therefore it is indicative.
Clothes and accessories to be used during the shooting are NOT provided and are the sole responsibility of the customer,
Exceptions are some accessories and clothes which, if requested, can be presented and provided free of charge temporarily.

Number of shots taken and gallery delivered

There is no limit or minimum basis to the shots taken during a photo session.
All photographs are taken in high resolution and color digital format.
At the end of each photo session, (with the exception of weddings and events that have times diluted over time as they offer a greater amount of work) we undertake within 48 working hours to select the shots produced, so as to eliminate any errors and unusable photos, and to send the client the final shots which will include all the work performed.
Following this delivery, the client has the right to request a certain number of shots, based on the package executed, which will be professionally processed through Lightroom and Photoshop with a final rendering in the style of the photographer.

File delivery times

At the end of the shooting, the photographer undertakes within 48 working hours to send the client the package of selected and original images.
Once the gallery has been received, the customer has an indefinite period to select the photographs to be post produced (all the photos are numbered and the list of chosen photos will be communicated to the photographer).
Once this list has been received, as indicated above, the photographer will have from 1 to 6 months to post produce and deliver the final photos, obviously always trying to make sure to deliver the entire final package as quickly as possible.

Methods of delivery of files

To deliver the photographs we use the service offered, with this service we can send the photographs in packages up to 2GB at a time.

You will then receive an e-mail that will invite you to download a file, obviously to be done on a pc or mac, so not from ipad or mobile phone.

Once accepted you will receive on your pc, presumably in the download folder unless you have set it otherwise, all the photographs that we have sent you.

Wetransfert is a safe and guaranteed service, free from viruses and from any kind of complication, therefore there will be no problem, we remind you that the delivery e-mail will remain valid for one week.

Rights of use

All photographic services aimed at individuals include the customer's web use rights of the images purchased, the customer will have full rights to publish the digital files of the images delivered on any web platform and without time limits.
The author appreciates that the images used for the purposes set out in this agreement are accompanied whenever possible by a reference to the author's name, for example by mentioning it in comments or captions.
The delivery to the client by the photographer of one or more printable files (TIFF) presupposes the transfer to the client of the right to print the aforementioned file (s) without time limits.
The photographer always retains the ownership, copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the photographs taken by him and grants their use to the photographed subject and / or to the client of the photo shoot, according to the agreements made.
In all cases, even in the case of an exclusive transfer of the rights of use for commercial purposes, the original photographs (digital source files and / or film negatives) and copyrights are understood to be the property of the photographer.

Disclaimer of use images

The price of the services presupposes the consent to the publication within the web portfolio of, social networks included for information and advertising purposes.
A 20% surcharge on the list price will be applied to the photo session without this consent.

Protection of personal data

The personal data provided by the buyer will be used exclusively for the execution of this contract and for the entire duration of the same.
We therefore undertake to guarantee the utmost confidentiality in this regard.

Understanding and acceptance

The photographed subject and / or the client of the photo shoot, by agreeing to be photographed by the photographer and approving the quote, declare that they have read the terms and conditions of the photo shoot described here and agree to be bound by them.
By purchasing a photo shoot, the customer acknowledges that he has read the terms and conditions of the photo shoot described here and that he accepts all the points contained therein.

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