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Dana Shooting 099-Modifica-2-2.jpg

With this package, you will be entitled to 2.30 hours at your complete disposal in which to take basic shots without any delivery limit

Tamara 2k21 290-Modifica-Modifica-Modifi
Business suit

The complete package includes a service lasting a total of about 4 hours with a variety of locations and clothing

SaraLuganoIII 243-6.jpg

If you have special requests not included in the first two packages, do not hesitate to contact me and we will find a solution together

Private Parties


ElyWedding 127-Modifica.jpg

If you need a photographer for just a few shots that include the signature and a simple refreshment, this is the package for you.

Matrimonio Joy & Moira 485-Modifica-Modi
Business suit

If you are looking for a photographer for an entire wedding, from morning to evening and who will follow you in all your efforts, do not hesitate to contact me with this choice.

Nicole&Oscan 228-Modifica.jpg

In addition to the wedding you would like some complementary shots, an additional shooting or any other idea, contact me with this package.

Corporate Events


ComunioneMay 665.jpg

If what you are looking for is a photographer who immortalizes and makes your birthday eternal through his shots, contact me by choosing this offer and together we can create something beautiful.

Comunione29Aprile2018 137-Modifica.jpg

Communions, Confirmations or any other event in your family, write to me and you will have the photographer dedicated to it.


Evenings, parties, or any event in general, nothing is precluded because art is everywhere so do not hesitate to contact me for any request and if possible we will work together.

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